Selfcheck: how to prepare yourself for a design project and work with a designer

Alena Murakhovskaya, designer, teacher of the European Design School.

EDS – European Design School in Kiev
EDS school is a creative center providing a wide choice of educational paths for designers. The extensive school programme complies with international standards in education. Teaching is based on the combination of theory and practice, giving students both needed knowledge and skills, which are a basic condition for the chosen profession.

At the lecture you will learn:
1. What is a Moodboard and how can it be used for successful start of work on a design project.
2. How to use a Moodboard for building effective communication between client and designer.

The lecture will be useful:
1. For design enthusiasts and all those who want to employ designer’s services. The lecture will help you to prepare for working with designer and learn how to formulate your wishes as precisely as possible.
2. For designers. How to use a Moodboard not only for the presentation of ideas, but also as a point between designer and client. After all, healthy communication is the basis of productive work.

INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium – 10 February – h. 1 pm – 2 pm