Entrepreneurship through design as new perspective of design education “Made in Italy”

The statement of this lecture is that Italian Design is deeply rooted in entrepreneurialism, especially within production and marketing, other than technical and aesthetic formalism. Design Education in Italy remains consistent with the Italian way to do business through design. In an era without no more barriers in entry the market, where the production and the distribution, especially online, are more and more accessible, there is new need of Design as key element to start experimental companies around a creative ideas of product, services and platform for precise target and accurate market niches. Entrepreneurship through design as new perspective of design education: learning by starting creative ventures.

Andrea Tosi – Dean of International Partnership and Innovation
Andrea Tosi is an Italian academician, designer and technologist. As Dean of International Partnership and Innovation at IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, he is building up partnership with international universities aimed at broadening students’ experience through international mobility, opening the “IED way” towards innovation and different perspectives to do design education. He is specialized in development, management of educational programs, as well as teaching, research, and consultancy about creative and design methodologies application to non-design fields, aimed at enhancing transformation process.
Andrea Tosi has a background in cognitive sciences, he worked as researcher and user experience designer at CNR Istituto di Psicologia Roma, DARC Milano, in companies and creative agencies as designer, business designer in brand and product identity strategies. At Domus Academy he raised the profile of the school by starting and managing the Master in Business Design.
He has spoken at many corporations and universities on the convergence of technology, business, and design.

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INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium – 9 February – h. 12 pm – 2 pm

Education at Istituto Europeo di Design differs much from classical accademical one. This Institute offers unique opportunities in constantly changing design art which enables to reach lifestyle distinguished all round the world as ‘Made in Italy’. Learning by Doing is an opportunity to step out the lecture hall spaces and find yourself in leading design studios and industrial factories. Special department called IED Business Hub is knows for the high level of employment assistance thanks to collaboration with Milan Salone del Mobile and Milan Fashion Week.