‘FRENCH ART DE VIVRE’ – French touch and Italian know how for an international lifestyle

To describe his work as a designer, Emmanuel likes to quote Constantin Brancusi, “Simplicity is complexity resolved”. 
Elegance, clarity and simplicity are key to Emmanuel Gallina’s work. His creative ethic at authenticity and coherence is embodied in every one of his projects. To him, attention to detail is a constant priority in the contours, shapes and functionality of his work.
At INTERIOR MEBEL, Emmanuel Gallina will hold the Conference ‘French Art de Vivre – French touch & Italian know-how for an international lifestyle’.

An unrivaled chic guarantee and a blend of sophistication and culture, the French style has gained more recognition than ever in the interior design on an international level. A subtle balance between classicism and modernism, it constantly renovates a tradition of decorative arts that is ever stronger.
INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium – 7 February, h. 4 pm – 6 pm