Misha Demshin – FAQinDecor

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Architect, be famous! Promote yourself effectively
Misha Demshin – Founder of the online magazine FAQinDecor

The Internet is a necessary help in the field of architecture and design for those willing to promote themselves and their business. Read More

Andrea Tosi – IED

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Portfolio Evaluation by Andrea Tosi with Lecture ‘My Life in Design’

There are two plans of action: to look with different eyes what surrounds us and evaluate and update how to use the information and the tools of analysis. Read More

Yova Yager

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Restaurant design: the basic rules to follow

The Yova Yager design brand is well known among professionals in this sector. A smart taste and style has allowed Yova Read More

Anastasia Kovaleva

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TV Show ‘Design Tour’: Anastasia Kovaleva
Design tendency

Anastasia Kovaleva, creator of the TV Show ‘Design Tour‘, will talk about the concept of project and about the current tendency of design in Ukraine. Read More

Oleg Volosovsky

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Chef – design: planning and design of restaurants. LOFT living hub.

At the exhibition INTERIOR MEBEL Oleg Volosovsky will talk about his recent presentation in Milan and about the design of restaurants. Read More

Marco Piva

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Designing the Complexity. Milano-Kiev

During the speech, Architect Marco Piva will illustrate the realization of his Studio, in a narrative path from the concept phase, to the development of the project (selection of materials, technical design, construction site) to the final result. Read More

Andrea Tosi – IED

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Entrepreneurship through design as new perspective of design education “Made in Italy”

The statement of this lecture is that Italian Design is deeply rooted in entrepreneurialism, especially within production and marketing, other than technical and aesthetic formalism. Read More