Simone Micheli – IED Istituto Europeo di Design

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Luxury and Sustainability: the new conceptions of Simone Micheli’s design and driving force for emerging talents at IED Istituto Europeo di Design.

A new conception of luxury animates the project: no opulence but sustainability of media and resource. Human beings must be the center of each opera. How can a young designer reach the goal? Read More

Panel Discussion: Design Heroes

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Oleg Volosovsky (Ukraine) and Simone Micheli (Italy). Learning by doing or simply following the global trends?

Modern designers overcome the concept of architecture to approach a new territory that looks like technology combined with art and project culture. Read More

Anastasia Kovaleva

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Design Tour. Difficult concepts in simple words.

Anastasia Kovaleva, the author of the Design Tour project, will talk in detail about the preparation of every season of the programme as well as the production and post-production phases. Read More

Simone Micheli – IED Istituto Europeo di Design

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Hotel & Wellness: the winning design by Simone Micheli – an integrated approach from interior to brand design with a cross-disciplinary teaching methodology of IED Group

Overview of Studio’s works focused on Hotel & Wellness design: Cases history and peculiarities based on different contexts, clients’ needs, suggestions. Hotel & Wellness centers as artworks.

Read More

Oleg Volosovsky

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The designer’s soul in the interiors

Can interiors get a part of the designer’s soul? How to describe the state of mind with light? Does the budget affect the “soul of the interior”? How important is professionalism with a limited budget? Read More

Francesco Meda

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Francesco Meda designer

Born in Milan in 1984, Francesco Meda graduated in 2006 from Milan’s Istituto Europeo of Design in Industrial Design. He gained experience in London working at Sebastian Bergne’s Studio and later at Ross Lovegrove’s. Read More

Lilit Sarkisyan

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Acquerelli nell’interior design

Recently, designer art prints are gaining increasing popularity. They can be seen on the covers of mobile phones, notebooks, T-shirts, bed linen and even on the walls of the apartments. Read More

Natalia Shira

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Auditorium project presentation

Natalia Shchyra – the British-Ukrainian Interior Designer – graduated in 2000 from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture with a qualification in design of architectural space. Read More

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