The New Classic Collection is a rethink in the Marchi’s style of classic kitchens of the past: the wood is the element that stands out most in conjunction with a masterful use of metals such as the durable stainless steel or the precious pewter.

The Operà is a wonderful kitchen set like a diamond in a wooden structure bounded by two capitals to stress its importance. The English style wall units doors unequivocally evoke the elegance of the Victorian era, giving it a unique charm, suspended between past and present. It is the most popular model and represents the essence of “timeless kitchen”. The big hood in solid oak with a shell-shaped beam and the fantastic island with top in cocciopesto, complete the composition.

The Dechora is offered in two versions: with (Elegance) or without (Luxury) plinth. In both solutions we note the balance between elements of nature such the oak and the design elements such as the use of stainless steel facades. Very pleasant is the semi built-in element supplied for both versions: appliances acquire a new look and are framed like a painting by a famous artist.

The Islamorada rediscovers the use of pewter (a prized alloy of tin, copper and other metals), widely used in the past for the production of plates and pottery. Even today you can find it on the counters of many Londoners and Parisians bars. Elegant and suited for all types of location.

Dialma Brown sarà presente ad INTERIOR MEBEL 2018!
INTERIOR MEBEL 7–10 Febbraio, Kiev