Designing the Complexity. Milano-Kiev

During the speech, Architect Marco Piva will illustrate the realization of his Studio, in a narrative path from the concept phase, to the development of the project (selection of materials, technical design, construction site) to the final result.Some “Case History” will be the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan, completed in 2015 and which has already received 9 international awards of Architecture and Design, the Casa Alitalia lounge in Milan, Rome and New York with the contribution of the most important Italian companies, the Bulgari windows design concept and residential projects in Los Angeles and China, as well as Masterplan’s large-scale projects and new hotel designs.

‘‘The Ukraine economy is re-remerging.The revitalisation of Kiev is in full expansion, and I am very pleased to have been invited to this fascinating city to offer my contribution to spreading the culture of the project and to discover the chances of economic and social growth that Ukraine today can offer. I have always been fascinated by Ukraine, whose community is the fourth largest among the foreign communities in Italy.I had the opportunity to collaborate with several people from this country, some of whom are important collaborators of my Studio’. Marco Piva

INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium – 9 February – h. 2 pm – 4 pm