The Fluxair collection was created on the basis of work in the vehicle industry, on constant research into highly developed materials, on ergonomics and on the physiology of sleep. Morfeus’ challenge is to create highly evolved sleep systems able to provide a good match to the individual sleeping needs of every person. The study, which was divided among the essential sleep trinity of base, mattress and pillow, led to the creation of next-generation sleep systems that take the overal person, with all their complex needs, into account. The secret of the Fluxair sleep system can be summed up as the perfect balance of person, support and surrounding ìs, with a virtuous dynamic in terms of the exchange of the active and passive forces that are ongoing through the different stages of sleep. – Morfeus

Serip sarà presente ad INTERIOR MEBEL 2018!
INTERIOR MEBEL 7–10 Febbraio, Kiev