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Interior Mebel Kiev has become a focal point for the design, furnishing, lighting and décor professionals: the latest market’s trends, innovative projects and new products will be presented during the 4 exhibition days to a very qualified audience.

The Auditorium’s project - meeting place for architects, designers and manufacturers discussions - was this time carried out by the famous Ukrainian architect and designer Oleg Volosovsky, Dana Kosmina and Loft Bureau.

As every year, the Auditorium hosted an interesting programme of conferences and master-classes:

15 February 2017

Loft Bureau: 20 years of unique experience
Oleg Volosovskyi graduated from Ukrainian National Academy of Arts and Architecture, founder of ‘Loft Bureau’, famous for his stage scenery for Roman Viktyuk performances, designed space for series of reality TV shows, such as ‘Na Nozhakh’ (At Loggerheads), ‘Za Steklom’ (‘Behind the Glass’), ‘Pekelna Kukhnya’ (‘The Hell’s Kitchen’), made remarkable interiors of famous restaurants, such as Promzona, Ostannya Barricada (The Last Barricade), Mozgi Bar and Shop, CHI.

Creating of space atmosphere by lighting design
Expo Light company has 15-year-experience in lighting projecting, they made a lot of big projects lighting during the period, such as Menora Centre and Synagoge in Dnipro city, Tetris business centre in Kyiv, CHI and BAO restaurant internal lighting in Kyiv. Speaker of the conference - Nikolay Kabluka.

Blank Lighting and Blanc Kitchen by Andrey Dmitriyev
Andrey Dmitriyev is a Ukrainian architect who is involved into product design. Few years ago he made a product design company and since then has been making furniture project for it. His latest kitchen – the Blanc. He is also making deisgn lighting. His objects are used by famous Ukrainian architectural studios, such as Soesthetic Group.

Public spaces: Fendom, Barvy, China project
2bGroup – architectural studio founded by Slava Balbek and Olga Bogdanova in 2007. The projects of the studio received Ukrainian and international awards and are featured by minimal and pure design, qualitative service, comfort and attitude to details. Lofts and hi-tech interiors are the priority.

16 February 2017

Forum-discussion: ‘Ukrainian Product Design. The Beginning’ Main topics:
- The situation on the market. ‘Image’ of the Ukrainian manufacturer
- Featuring of Design
-‘Hi-End’ Ukrainian Manufacturers
- Manufacturers and design – how to reach synergy effect

Quality. Design. Style
Company LEDS-C4 produces a wide range of indoor, outdoor, built-in and decorative lighting in minimalist and hi-tech style. The conference will be held by Katherina Ustina, export manager.

Lighting solutions in sales and recognizability of HoRoCa projects
Complex V company and its speaker Sergey Kulkov will hold conference ‘Complex solutions in lighting and background acoustic of projects’. The company provides efficient solutions on engineering development from ideas to result.

Serip: Organic Lighting. Hand made lamps
Portuguese company SERIP will represent its national craftsmanship, design and production while speaking about history of the company, its development and peculiarities of hand made lamps produced by them.

MARCO POLETTI / ID.Interior Design
Design as a Mean of Market Research
Marco Poletti is an Italian architect graduated from Milano Politecnico. With his ‘Marco Poletti Studio’ he made over 700 design products and a lot of meaningful projects for fashion brands such as Cerruti, Christian Dior, Ermenegildo Zegna, Mandarina Duck, Ferre, Missoni, Valentino, Zara, consumer goods brands, such as Barilla, Sony, Olivetti and interior design brands – Albatros, Bongio, Eurolegno, TRE P & TRE More, Jaccuzzi among them. He has got Compasso d’Oro in 2002 for MOON Bongio, won Belarus Award in 2014 and IIDEX Canada in 2015 for collection LAGHI. Since 2010 till present is a member of Committee Topics National at ADI.

Marketing for business growth acceleration; tips, tricks and examples.
Ralf Fleuren MSc is a marketing entrepreneur from The Netherlands and member of Creative Busines Hub Founded By All in Eindhoven. With a background as online marketeer and marketing lecturer Ralf supports business in its growth by innovative marketing projects. Ralf is also founder of Bliqsem; a company that facilitates co-creation sessions for companies and entrepreneurs.

17 February 2017

Trends 2017: Styles, materials, Interiors and Outdoor
Architects of ‘Design Me’ studio – Svetlana and Sergey Zaburanny will speak about trends 2017 in interior design, furnishing and decoration, about actual styles, materials, colours and technologies and on their impressions after Design Week in Stockholm (February 6-12).

Yevgeny Osokin creativity with no limits
The project LAMP4YOU is based on customization principle when a customer makes a product himself. A unique soft by LAMP4YOU allows to a customer to plunge into creativity and choose among styles, colours, lamp shades with hand-made prints and light directions with just a few clicks. The masters of LAMP4YOU will assemble this lamp due to the chosen data.

The conference will be held by Anastasiya Beletska, Sana Shevchenko and Tatiana Tielegina, the founders of ‘COLLABORATION_EU’ project. They will speak about traditional and alternative means of designers’ promotion, about development opportunities and entering new markets. Target group: product designers, companies-manufacturers of the furniture, interior designers.

The “Italian Design Day” will take place in Kyiv on 17 February 2017, organized by the Italian Embassy, the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Trade Agency.
On the occasion of the First Italian Design Day, to be celebrated on March 2nd in Italy and in roughly 100 cities around the world, the Italian Design Day in Kyiv will take place at the International Exhibition Centre, in the Auditorium created within the Interior Mebel trade show, with the participation of IED (Istituto Europeo di Design).
From 2 p.m to 4 p.m., architect, designer and IED teacher Jacopo Bargellini will hold the lecture “50 years of Beauty”, outlining the evolution of Italian Design from the post-war period to our days, its peculiarities and the reasons behind an unquestioned success that pervades the fields of culture, art, fashion and communication, a worldwide benchmark for all the main manufacturing and production sectors.

Interior & Spacial Design
Ken Wilder is an artist and writer. He is Reader in Spatial Design, and Interior and Spatial Design Programme Director at Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London. Having previously studied architecture, Wilder now makes site-responsive sculptural installations, often incorporating video projection.

18 February 2017

Portfolio Evaluation by Jacopo Bargellini with Lecture 'My Life in Design'
There are two plans of action: to look with different eyes what surrounds us and evaluate and update how to use the information and the tools of analysis. A series of simple - but important - questions put the audience in a position to interact and reflect on the various themes: What are the codes that exist in the world of communication? How can you develop a mood and a trend to bring it back to a design? What does it mean to look at picture? What’s an icon?